Scanner stories

Different directions for the scanner story


Scenario #1 – high school scanner:

Spilled coffee on the scanner that was just purchased by the school.
A young female new teacher spills coffee on the new fancy machine (the principle is so proud at himself for purchasing). She prays the machine will work while trying to absorb as much as she can with tissues. She is so scared of being fired for that, that she brings it home to her engineer girl flatmate to try fix it. She has only the night to work on it or else she would loose her job. Shee takes the machine apart (seeing her woking on it from below and taking pieces out – shots are sliced with black intervals as she tries to boot it up) in the process she puts a program he found online and adds some of her own modifications.  The next day she brings the machine back early in the morning before anyone can notice. Plugging in the machine (scene starts with the machine boots up with the known slight movement of the light and the lid opens by the school teacher). She breathes in relief as the janitor surprises her and is very suspicious as for why she is there by the new scanner so early in the morning. He start asking questions and she leaves the room forgetting the lid open. Janitor approaches the the machine to close the lid and notices something very strange —

Option: If the acotrs look at the scanners light (scanning with an open lid) we will see the light in the eye of the person and this would make the persion behive in a way


A scanner may have some free will. It may be able to play with its own parameters, messing up with its users just because it can. It may be a port to another reality or the past or the future. Viewers of the movie cant see what the people in the movie see as it i the same plane of input and output.

Possible environment: Small accounting office; a teenager’s room; high school teachers room; elder couple house; motorcycle garage; tappet paps store;

What does a scanner do:

  • memorises
  • switches from physical to digital
  • captures data

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