Glazzzzz has 5 Zs in it. Each Z stands for each glass cup that buzzes when the tiny vibration motor touches do not touches it.

This project is seeking for the voice of an object. Avoiding “dressing up” the object with a noise, there is a use of the material itself to produce the items “real voice”.

A series of 5 glass cups, each on an individual holder equipped with an LED and a tiny Vibrating Motor Disc, at a touching not touching position create a glassy buzz symphony.

JvM45T K47JLb

The second phase of the project was a collaboration with Natalia Cabrera and Sergio Mora-Diaz.  We implemented Bluetooth LE capabilities basing on Don Coleman‘s code and guidance and then created a simple iOS app using Phonegap and  Cordova that controls the sounds/lights/vibes. The glasses have different levels of liquid in them in an attempt to create different sounds. The LEDs correspond the colors of the buttons in the app.

Here is the repo with the the RFduino code as well as the phonegap code:

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